Motor change: Pro and Sport

Pro and Sport Series V3 Motor Change

In October of 2021 at our Australian HQ saw a change in the motor type that was used on all Sport and Pro Series V3 boards moving forward. Because of this, there are two different types of wheel skins that are purchasable on the website. Black Hawk Electrics international warehouses (UK, US and Canada) will be transitioning to these new motors over time as well. This information is here to help you decide what is compatible with your board. 

Original Motor
This motor is no longer being used in our current production of boards in AU. You can see that the inner hub cap of this particular motor is quite flat

Replacement wheel skins can still be purchased from our website for the time being.
Current Motor

The new motors are distinguishable by the cone-shaped inner hub cap.

The new motor:
The new motor rotor:

The new motor is backwards compatible in the following ways:

  • Use the same motor connections (with some exceptions for board pre-2021 which may have a different phase plug/s.)
  • Uses the same axle size and are compatible with all Pro Series V3 rear trucks.

The new motor is different in the following ways:

  • Different wheel skin
  • Different internal components and bearings
  • Different visual look

This means that if you own a Pro Series V3 board that uses the original motor type, you can still update the board to the current type as long as the internal connections to the ESC are the same. Though the old wheel skins will not be compatible anymore.

If you have any questions or are thinking about updating your motors, please contact our support if you require assistance. 

Thanks for reading. 

-Black Hawk Support

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