High quality, high performance electric skateboard with hub drive brushless motors and lithium ion battery technology.

Here at Black Hawk, our experience in the industry is well documented, however until now our ‘grassroots’ haven’t been shared. Our founder, pictured below shows his first skateboard made by hand in his father’s garage one school holiday period. 

High quality, high performance electric skateboard with hub drive brushless motors and lithium ion battery technology.

At age 14 a passion sparked which has over a decade later lead to an international brand that offers the very latest in electric skateboard technology. “The first skateboard I made with my dad was a little weekend project that I think back on fondly. We went to our local skateboard shop to pick out the wheels and trucks, then to the hardware store for some marine-grade plywood, plus some grip tape.” 

“The board was pretty small, only good for tick-tacking around the driveway or a carpark. I found it recently in storage and thought it was worth getting out for a laugh. The interesting part is how far technology has come in a relatively short time. Only at the beginning of the 2000s did we have very basic forms of skateboards. Whereas fast forward to 2018, our skateboards are now state-of-the-art technological masterpieces. A significant contrast, however, a welcomed one to see how far we’ve come.”

The Black Hawk Electric skateboards feature Hub Drive motors powered by LG Lithium-Ion battery packs, backed up by clever regenerative braking. “One of the main differences with our electric skateboards to others is the drive train. All our boards feature brushless, hub drive motors. Different from other popular brands that use belt driven systems, the Black Hawk boards require no belts which means you never have to worry about belt tension, wear or disconnection that other boards suffer from.”

The Black Hawk Electric skateboard range is limited to just four models to help customers when selecting the board for their intended usage. “I remember being overwhelmed when going to buy wheels and trucks with my dad. There was so much to choose from that it was nearly impossible for a beginner to select the right product for their needs.”

With these ‘roots’ as a core part of our mission and ethos, we look forward to continuing the offering of high-quality electric skateboards you see today. With a range of hub drive only motors and lithium-ion batteries, feel confident that our products are well tested and come with a 12-month guarantee.

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