6 Charging and Storage Tips to Keep Your Board Healthy

Here are some battery tips that can keep your Black Hawk Electric Skateboard running as long as possible. This information will also apply to most electric skateboards or lithium ion batteries, though it is best to check with your products manufacturer and manuals regarding the specifics.

  1. Charge and use the board regularly
    We all love riding our electric skateboards. Keeping them charged up can allow you to get out for that regular ride you are always craving. Though sometimes life will get in the way and you won't be able to ride as much as you like. In this case, make sure that you use and charge your board at least once per month. This will make sure that the battery is healthy and ready to go when you need it. 

    Another important note is to always make sure that you charge up your board if the battery is indicating low. This prevents a situation that can occur if the board isn't used for a period of time that involves a low battery charge. As the battery will have a very slow voltage drop over time during storage. If the battery is already critically low, the battery has an increased chance of discharging below the recoverable threshold of the charger over a period of time, which can cause permanent failure of the battery, requiring replacement. 

  2. Long term storage (Storing for longer than 1 month)
    If you are going away on holiday or maybe it is coming into the wet season and you know you are not going to be able to get out on the board as much as you would like. It is recommended to discharge the battery of the board down to approximately 50% before placing into long term storage.

    This charge level is called the store voltage, it is the voltage that lithium ion batteries are stored at in the factory. As storing the battery at high voltage (full charge) for a long period of time can cause cell degradation or a decrease in battery health. It is important store your board at this storage charge level. Additionally as the battery will have a very slow voltage drop over time during storage, it is still recommended to turn the board one at least once a month to check that the board is still approximately 50% charged, topping up as needed.

    Leaving the board for a long period of time without checking the battery can allow the battery to discharge below the recoverable threshold of the battery charger, resulting in requiring a replacement battery. This scenario is not covered under Black Hawk Electric warranty terms. 

  3. Don't leave your board in a hot or very cold location. 
    Leaving the board in extreme hot or extreme cold can cause damage to the battery cells over time reducing their overall capacity and life expectancy. Extreme temperatures may be considered ambient temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, storing the board in a cool and dry environment is best, for example, indoors away from direct sunlight. 

    An example of a poor location to store your board would be; leaving the board in the boot of a hot/freezing car or in a hot/freezing tin shed. 

  4. Don't leave your board on charge for a long period of time
    The chargers provided with our boards are a smart charger and shouldn't over charge your battery. Though leaving them on charge for extended periods of time can reduce the lifespan of your battery and charger. Additionally, having them plugged into the wall all of the time increases the risk that something could go wrong, like a power surge that could damage the battery or charger (along with other devices on the power network) when connected. Therefore for extra safety, peace of mind and increased lifespan on the electronics, it is recommend that you only charge the board until the charger indicates that it is finished charging the battery. Then safely unplug the charger from the board and wall. 

  5. Only use Black Hawk Electric approved chargers
    With households being filled with a variety of different electronic devices, using the right charger can be tricky to keep track of. With the presence of multiple charging devices it is important to be sure that you are using the correct device to charge your skateboard.

    Our boards contain a high voltage Lithium Ion battery that require a specific charge style, that is not likely to be compatible with other devices in your home. Using the incorrect charger or your board may cause issues with the battery capacity/lifespan, may not charge the battery appropriately or may even have an increased risk of fire in some cases. Therefore it is recommended that only a Black Hawk approved charger is utilised.

    Side Tip: You may want to label your charger or keep it in a known location so that you can easy to find and use. 

  6. Avoid water or submersion
    Our boards are designed with some water resistance in mind. Though currently, we do not rate our board to be water proof or water resistant. Additionally, it is well known that water and electricity do not mix, which can do damage to the electronic system. Not only that but water can also have a long term effect on the wheel skins, bearings and deck as well. We won't get into the specifics here though, it is best to avoid all wet environments, this includes wet riding surfaces, rain, water from a hose/tap. Always check that the charger port is free from moisture before plugging in the charger. Water related issues or damage are not covered under Black Hawk Electric warranty.
This covers the major points regarding battery health related tips. Please read our user manual(s) for more information. There are a lot of tips in the Black Hawk Electric user manuals for your board model. Some quick highlights:
    • Avoid damage to the compartment (impacts from debris, dropping the board, hitting the board on an object, etc)
    • Do not place battery in fire
    • Do not pierce the battery compartment
    • Do not open the battery compartment without permission from Black Hawk

    Thank you for reading, please get in touch with any of our friendly staff if you have any questions.

    - Black Hawk Team

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